Artist Statement

My artwork uncovers the ground that binds human beings together as one. This ground is the passage of time and its disappearance in a culture dominated by mass production and digital technology.  My work restores the awareness of time.  It endows material objects with histories of change, or it invests disembodied subjectivity with materiality to root them in the present.

Every shoe tells a story of where you have been and where you are going. For over 28 years I have repurposed individual shoes from my collection to create sculptures. More recently, I have shifted my practice to create larger scale assemblages that combine multiple shoes with everyday objects.  By repurposing utilitarian objects that most people use, I act as a catalyst to bring out the passage of time hidden within them.  This metamorphosis encourages the viewer to endow these overlooked objects with temporality and subjectivity, restoring the viewer’s own awareness of the dynamic changes of life.

In parallel, I make two-dimensional works that question the effects of technology and social media on people’s inner life.  The mixing of fine art and craft techniques, without the total rejection of digital technology, invites the viewer to repossess his or her interiority.  These multilayered works present the environments and spaces of daily existence, and their themes speak to being present and mindful.  Their mixed-media process underscores the value of using one’s hands.  By folding digital technology back into traditional methods, these works restore everydayness and materiality to our disembodied subjectivity.