Artist Statement

Behind every shoe is a story, a history of where you have been and where you are going. I have been recycling and repurposing all of my shoes for over 25 years!

My artwork comments on the passage of time, documents steps, and takes a new form as life continues to change and be dynamic.  After I settled down to have a family, my artwork from the If Shoes Could Talk Project shifted from working with an individual shoe, to larger shoe sculptures that combine other large scale recycled objects. Running Machine utilizes an old bicycle, worn shoes and is finished with metallic paint. Baby Walker repurposes both my daughters’ shoes and walker– it comments on development, and taking steps into a new present.

Artwork from the If Shoes Could Talk Project come together with my love for design to create a series of Trademarked artist books and accessories.

Other two-dimensional artwork Merdjan makes intermixes several methods of artistry, including hand painting, drawing, photography, collage, and digital printing. Drawings/collages combine scraps of handmade papers and are rendered with metallic inks. Ideas for these series of  works come from photographs I have taken while traveling internationally. They comment on different cultural customs, environments and spaces.

Despite the medium utilized, visual narratives prevail in her work.