Artist Statement


Behind every shoe is a story, a history of where you have been and where you are going. I have been recycling and repurposing all of my shoes for over 25 years!

My artwork comments on the passage of time, documents steps, and takes a new form as life continues to change and be dynamic. More recently my artwork from the If Shoes Could Talk Project shifted from working with an individual shoe, to larger shoe sculptures that combine other large scale recycled objects (assemblages).  

Artwork from the If Shoes Could Talk Project come together with my love for design to create a series of Trademarked artist books and accessories.

My two-dimensional artwork intermixes several methods of artistry, including hand painting, drawing, photography, collage, and digital printing. These works have multilayered qualities of  daily existence. Creating these pieces is a multistep process combining drawings I’ve  rendered with metallic inks, recycled scraps of handmade papers, photographs I’ve taken overseas, and then applying technology. Works on paper continue to come together on to more layers using design software. In the final step, they collage themselves onto textiles or metal. These artworks comments on different cultural customs, environments and spaces.

Despite the medium utilized, visual narratives prevail in all of my artworks.