Individual Shoe Sculptures


Great Strides, 2020,

Mixed Media Shoe Sculpture Made With Recycled Materials, 9”x 5.5 “x8”

The recycled figurines are painted with the colors of the Women’s Suffrage Movement—Gold, White and Purple (as seen in the United States) and green (used in England instead of gold).

The shape and design of the shoe serves as a metaphor for the steep strides women have had to take in history to get the right to vote, and continue to take for equality. A figurine with a vintage style dress goes into the shoe to transform itself. Other figurines climb the shoe’s chain-like-web and then ascend upright to keep moving up the shoe’s slope. Lastly a female figurine stands upright  and empowered.

The pin on the sculpture symbolizes the sunflowers, yellow roses, gold ribbons seen when Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony adopted the state flower of Kansas as a symbol of the suffrage cause.

Note: To view larger images or inquire further about these shoe sculptures, please contact the artist directly. These shoe sculptures are just a small sample of a much larger body of work.