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Teaching Experience_______________________________________________________ 9/22-present Art and Advertising Teacher, Manhattan Early College School of Advertising, Careers & Technical Education Dept. NY 
• Engage students in a project-based curriculum that blends art, technology, and creative problem solving. 
• Enrich students with in 21st century skills needed to succeed in the advertising and media industry. 
• Facilitate students in an early college setting to earn a CTE endorsed Regents diploma, and an associate’s degree from the Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC). 

9/20-6/2022 Technology Teacher, M.S. 216 George J. Ryan Middle School, NY 
• Created and implemented year long courses that integrate art & design to teach both 7th and 8th graders technology (a total of 300 students)
. Coursework meets benchmarks set by The NYC Blueprints for Teaching and Learning in the Arts and STEAM standards, as well as NY Common Career Technical Core standards in Career Technical Education. Classes included IGC (Intellectually Gifted Children), G&T (Gifted and Talented) and Honor/SPE (Special Progress Enriched), Inclusion, and English Language Learners. 
• Taught and managed 9 classes remotely and in a blended instructional setting during the pandemic using Google Classroom, Zoom, Google-Meets, Google Draw and Skedula/Pupil Path. 

8/08-08/2020 Visual Arts Teacher and Professor, Founding Faculty of Bard High School Early College Queens, NY 

• Developed and implemented the school's entire visual arts high school and college-level curriculum. 
• Directed the visual arts program. • Served as the Arts Department Liaison to attended weekly liaison meetings with schools administrators to set instructional goals and school-wide policies for the year, coordinated and chaired weekly Arts department meetings, established the criteria for selecting and reviewing school proposals for new courses and funding for professional development. 

• Fostered award winning students: Ezra Jack Keats Queens Borough Award, Scholastic Art & Writing. Award, the PS Art Award with scholarship. 
• Researched and generated new opportunities for student's artwork to gain exposure: Museum of Arts and Design. 
• Exhibit students artwork at community and cultural resources: Queens Borough Arts Festival at the Queens Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Big Screen Plaza, Mural painted in London • Coordinated field trips to create awareness of careers in visual arts and demonstrated how works of art, design, and visual culture can enhance and empower people's lives. 
• Encouraged student involvement and aided students with their application to summer programs at universities and museums: MOMA Teen Program, Cue Arts, the Noguchi Museum, SCAD. 
• Consulted students on a weekly basis about academic and social issues as their Advisor. • Maintained regular and open communication with families on students progress. 

• Coordinated the school’s biannual Arts Celebration. 
• Fundraised: art auctions with the PTA, designed sweatshirts with school logo made by students. 
• Supervised the Arts Club, Arts & Crafts Club, Green Team 
• Sustainability Coordinator 
• PSAL Boys and Girls Track Coach for the Queens High School Complex. 

7/11 Spanish Interpreter, School of Visual Arts, NY 
• Simultaneously interpreted in Spanish for an advertising class completely devised of college students visiting from Chile. 

9/04-6/08 Commercial Art Teacher, Technology Department, Brooklyn Technical High School, NY 
• Taught Advanced Placement college level courses: Design and Drawing for Production and Art History. 
• Instructed gifted high schools student in Technical Drawing, Digital Photography, Interior and Environmental Design, Intro. to Engineering Design, and Industrial, Graphic & Product Design. 
• Created and implemented lessons plans for a curriculum that meets NY state and city art and technology standards, evaluated students progress through the development of rubrics for hands-on and computer projects. 
• Awarded BTHS Faculty Grants after submitting a proposal for extra funds to help students with special projects and instructional material. 
• Utilized Blackboard, Inventor, Photoshop, and SynchronEyes softwares in the classroom. 

3/04-6/04 Art Teacher, Middle School 202, NY 
• Created and implemented lessons encompassing drawing, media arts, arts & crafts, art history, painting, sculpture and photography in a manner which facilitated the ability to retain and implement information. 
• Created multi-cultural art lesson plans to instruct English Language Learners in Spanish and English. 

6/95-12/95 Research and Development Intern, Office of Academic Advising at Queens College, NY 
• Produced a report for the Provost to modify future programs. 
• Designed a survey assessing the program planning and registration process. 
• Researched, analyzed, and correlated data through database development. 
• Consulted students on scholastic issues. 

6/94-8/94 Teacher Assistant and Counselor, Queens College Sports Academy, NY 
• Coordinated hands-on educational activities. 

Graphic Design and Production Experience__________________________________ 
Designer, Simon & Schuster, NY 
Promotion Designer, Bridal Guide magazine, NY 
Production Artist, The Wall Street Transcript, NY 
Electronic Production Artist, Steck Vaughn Berrent Publications, NY Promotion Assistant, Parents and Child Magazines, G+J USA Publishing, NY Temp. Assistant, Vogue Magazine and Self Magazine, Condé Nast Publishing, NY Temp. Assistant, Hearst Book Group, NY 

Work Experience in Art____________________________________________________ 
Intern, The Whitney Museum of American Art at Philip Morris, NY Administrative Assistant Intern, Marion Art/Art Consultants, NY Student Assistant, Godwin Ternbach Museum at Queens College, NY 

Academic Grants & Awards__________________________________________________ • 2019 Award in Recognition of Ten Years of Dedicated Service Received from Bard High School Early College Queens on it’s tenth anniversary for founding their visual arts program and curriculum. 
• 2014 2014 NY Art Educator of the Year Award Received from the New York City Art Teachers Association. 
• 2013 Nominated for the 2013 Big Apple Awards recognizing teacher excellence 2013 Yale University, Connecticut Awarded a grant through the Gilder Lehrman Institute for a summer workshop at the University. 
• 2013 National Gallery of Art, Washington DC Selected for participation in the summer Teacher Institute program on Impressionism and Post-Impressionism. 
• 2011 Fulbright Distinguished Teachers Award, Argentina Awarded alternate status. 
• 2010 China Institute Summer Study Tour-History, Culture, and Sustainable Development, China Selected for a funded three-week study tour to create and implement curriculum after exploring Chinese culture, education, history and environmental movements. 
• 2009 Germany Close Up, Berlin, Germany Selected to participate in a subsidized program for teachers to partake in academic lectures and go to Berlin. This program is in cooperation with the Holocaust Centre in Toronto and works together closely with the German Embassy in Washington D.C. and its General Consulates, the Humboldt University in Berlin and other American and German institutes. 
• 2008 Harvard University, Massachusetts Awarded a grant through the Gilder Lehrman Institute for a summer workshop at the University. 
• 2008 Accademia Europea di Firenze,Florence, Italy Awarded a Grant through The Italian Cultural Institute of New York to study in Florence. 
• 2006 Makor Artist and Residence Program, New York Selected and awarded a scholarship for the Makor Artist-in-Residence Program which provides institutional support to develop new works in partnership with the Makor/Steinhardt Center. 
• 2005 Stanford University, California Awarded a grant through the Gilder Lehrman Institute for a summer workshop at the University. 
• 2004 Peters Valley Craft Center, New Jersey Awarded a scholarship for a Fine Metals: Jewelry Making Residency. 
• 1998 New York University, New York Awarded a scholarship for the Masters in Publishing program. 

Articles: Applying Strategies from Choice Based Art Education, New York  Teacher, October 2012. 
Designs: Graphic Design work published in Bridal Guide magazine, The Wall Street Transcript, and Simon & Schuster. 

Press Reviews related to Art _____________________________________________ 
• Interviewed and mentioned in the The New York Times regarding pedagogical approach to using recycled material to make artwork in the classroom and my students’ involvement with the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Times Square contest. 
• Boro Magazine (article about the Visual Arts Curriculum I created and implemented for BHSEC). 
• El Correo de Queens (featured article on my classes multicultural art education. 
• .Edu–– the Queens College Division of Education Magazine (story covered student exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum and the visual arts curriculum created for BHSEC). 

Press Reviews on my Artwork_______________________________________________ 
• National TV coverage on Univision’s Control show included a interview and segment on shoe-sculptures. 
• Designed proposal for WTC Memorial was covered on TV’s New Hour with Jim Lehrer. 
• Jewish Week (featured article on Ketubah designs). 
• Bridal Guide Magazine - My handpainted scarves (Art Scarves) were featured in the Holiday Gift Guide section. 
• Newsday • The Westsider • The Long Island Voice • The Queens Tribune • The Courier • The Bayside Times • Barnes & Noble Newsletter To view these articles and videos go to and click on the press coverage button. 

Selected Art Exhibitions_________________________________________________ 
Solo Exhibitions2021 Instituto Cultural Argentino Norteamericano, Buenos Aires, Argentina
How Can I Love You More?–– Leaving Images Along The Path, an exhibit reflecting on different people, cultures, places and moments that have impacted the artist and serve as sources of love and inspiration.
• 2016 LIC Arts Open, The Atrium Building Lobby, Long Island City, NY “Running Machine” on exhibit as part of the LIC Arts Festival. 
• 2012 Go Brooklyn Open Studios in affiliation with the Brooklyn Museum, NYC On display fifty shoe sculptures and the book release of Capturing Footsteps & Leaving Imprints. Visitors voted and nominated artists for inclusion in a group exhibition to open at the Brooklyn Museum. 
• 2001 Henri Bendel, NYC Trunk show displaying Hand-Painted Silk Scarves: Art Scarves (a form of wearable art.) 
• 1998 Starbucks Coffee, Cedarhurst Long Island, NY Solo exhibition comprised of eleven pieces of artwork interpreting personal ad writers and those who would respond. 
• 1998 Barnes & Noble in the Citicorp Building, NYC Artist of the Month, solo exhibition comprised of 15 pieces of artwork on display consisting of Intaglio Prints and Surrealistic collages. 

Group Exhibitions
POP UP Exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC
Celebrating Our Individuality and Diversity at the Sacerdote Lecture Hall.

El Barrio’s ARTSPACE PS109, NYC 
Metamorphosis show displaying metal prints titled The Energy of a Child Dreaming and Day Dreaming 

THE SHOPS at Bay Terrace
On display mixed media acrylic block at the Bayside Historical Society Annual Winter Arts Show 

LP GAllery, NYC
On display shoe assemblage Seven Mile Walk With Two Kids. This was part of a show called TRASH made with recycled materials. 

Culture Lab, NYC 
Metal Print of The Energy of a Child Dreaming (Starlite Version) Affordable Art Fair 

The Plaxall Gallery, NYC  
Day Dreaming for sale at the Off The Wall Affordable Art Fair 

The Plaxall Gallery, Virtual An online exhibition during the Covid-19 pandemic dedicated to healthcare workers and essential workers. 

United Nations, NYC Tout Petite Art exhibition at the North East Visitors Lobby General Assembly. If Shoes Could Talk projects were donated and sold to raise money for children in vulnerable situations around he world. This was a collaborative effort with the United Nations Women’s Guild. 
• The Plaxall Gallery, NYC The Sculptors Guild in partnership with LIC ARTS came together with Barbara O'Brien to curate Crashing The Party. This exhibition offered an opportunity for sculptors to question and expand their use of materials, forms, concepts and experiences to interpret responses to the idea and ideals of gender equity, from breaking the "glass ceiling" to political , social, physical, and conceptual ideas. 
• The Plaxall Gallery, NYC Urban Dance Visual Rhythm of Cities--An exhibition focusing on images from international photographers interpreting today's urban experience around the globe. 
• United Nations, NYC Metal print was exhibited at the North East Visitors Lobby General Assembly. Artwork was donated and sold to raise money for children in vulnerable situations around he world. This was a collaborative effort with the United Nations Women’s Guild. 
• The Plaxall Gallery, NYC “Running Machine” on exhibit from May to June along with art from other LIC Arts members. 
• 2018 The Plaxall Gallery, NYC Dreams of Capadocia and “Landscape Escape” are two mixed media pieces exhibited in this group show. 
•2016 MFTA Gallery, Material For The Arts, LIC, NY Shoe-sculptures on display as part of a group show titled Materials in Our Neighborhood. 
•2014 Artisan Gallery, San Diego, CA As part of the If Shoes Could Talk project, apparel with imagery of the shoe-sculptures on auctioned to raise funds for art education and the National Art Education Association. 
•2012 Casita Maria Gallery, Home Exhibit, NYC A community project and group exhibit reflecting on building a home. Sculpture on display comments on how shoes always make their way home and reflects on the cultural importance of food and homelife through the passage of time taken in ones shoes. 
•2011 Museum of Chinese in America, MOCA Young Professionals Expo: YPX 2011, NYC Photograph of lotus flowers taken at Shaoshan Hunan Province raffled at a fundraising event. 
•Culturefix, Greetings, NYC Group exhibit displaying prints of artistic shoe-sculptures. 
•Museum of Arts and Design, NYC Belt designed during MAD’s Professional Development Seminar on display. 
•2010 92Y Tribeca Feria Artistica, Duality, NYC Installation of artistic shoe-sculptures which also included an interactive component where visitors were invited to leave their imprint by taking off their own shoes and tracing an outline on canvas or by using an ink pad.
•2010 Bayside Historical Society, NY Group show displaying two sculptures. •2009 Joyce Robins Gallery, New Mexico Group show and sale organized to raise funds for the New Mexico’s Women Foundation. 
•2006 Local Project, Framing Aids, NYC Group show organized to inform, build an understanding, inspire action, and reflect on the Aids Epidemic. All artworks were auctioned. 
•Makor, Feria Artistica Latina, NYC On exhibit signature shoe-sculptures transformed into faces and animals. These mixed media sculptures capture a journey in life, preserving the steps of the past and transforming a visionary future. 
•Makor, NYC On exhibit linoleum prints and Ketubbahs made with artwork. Each print represents themes of individual identity, spirituality, and an exploration of the artist’s roots. These prints then connect to create a larger picture symbolizing the unity of two people in Marriage, Genesis and Life. 
•2005 Consulate General of Argentina,NY Hand-Painted Silk Scarf auctioned in the 3rd Annual ProyecteArte Silent Auction. ProyectArte’s is a nonprofit organization aimed to develop and sustain unique art programs for children in the United States and Latin America. 
•2002 The Urban Center, NYC Proposal for World Trade Center Memorial on exhibit. Selected from 18,000 ideas gathered through Imagine New York. Design piece on display was also shown on News Hour with Jim Lehrer. •Gallery at Pathways Women’s Health, NY Selected from a contest to display a mixed media painting and intaglio print in the waiting area of a medical building. 
•2001 Museum of Arts & Design (formerly the American Craft Museum), NYC Art Scarves for sale in the gift shop of the museum. 
•1997 The Queens College Student Gallery, Flushing, NY Group Exhibit with three other students. Five mixed media pieces on display. 
•Queens Borough Library, NY Semi-Finalist in the 1996-97 Individual Artist Showcase. 
•1983 Lever House on Park Avenue, NY Painting on display called: New York in the Winter. 

Teaching Certifications__________________________________________________ 
NY State and City Professional and Permanent Education Certifications: Commercial Art Fine Art(Pre-K-12) 
Elementary Eduction 
Other Certifications: Art (Pre-K-12) in the state of Connecticut and the state of California 
National Certification to teach Project Lead The Way courses: Design and Drawing for Production Civil Engineering and Architecture 

Education________________________________________________________________ 9/03-6/05 Queens College of the City University of New York, Master of Science in Art Education, GPA: 3.7 
1/99-12/99 Parsons the New School for Design, Certificate in Graphic Design and Advertising 
8/92-5/96 Queens College of the City University of New York, Bachelor of Arts, GPA: 3.4 
Interdisciplinary Applied Arts (studio art + art history) 
Communications Arts & Media (concentration in media production) 
Minors: Business And Liberal Arts Honors Program Economics 
Leadership: President and Founder of two clubs at Queens College 

Additional Coursework____________________________________________________ 9/97- 2012 The New School, Art Diagnosis and Arts Therapy courses Cooper Union, Typography classes School of Visual Arts, Book Publishing, Illustration, Contemporary Ceramic Sculpture classes The Art Student League of New York, Drawing classes Urban Glass, Kiln-forming Glass class NYU, Social Media, Writing, Exhibition Design and computer classes 
3/09 The Center For Book Arts, Monoprint, Lithography and Folded Structures classes 
7/06, 7/07 Rochester Institute of Technology, Trained and Certified in the Project Lead The Way’s curriculum Professional 
Membership Affiliations____________________________________________________ • International Society for Education through Art 
• New York State Art Teachers Association 
• National Art Education Association