” She is instrumental in presenting students to a wider audience, bringing recognition to their own skills…it is comforting to know that Jennifer has such depth of knowledge and pedagogy… And Pieces for Peace, a non profit organization that came to her printmaking class last year, replicated three of her students’ print designs onto a mural in London.”

Mr. Allan, Assistant Principal

Letter from Congress Woman about national Gallery copy

“Your selection for this prestigious program is a testament to your talent and commitment to educating students in our community… Art teachers like you play such an important role in our students’ academic and personal enrichment. I appreciate your admirable service to students in our community.”

Grace Meng, Member of Congress


” Ms. Merdjan taught students the technical aspects of art including color theory, and negative and positive space in two dimensional and three-dimensional forms. She is a creative thinker and problem solver, utilizing innovative ways for students to explore creative outlets. Students created pop-up books that contained 90 degree and 180 degree structures and mechanisms. They also took on a chair design challenge where teams of students created a 1/2, 3/4 and finally a full sized cardboard chair that withstood 150 pounds without the use of adhesives including nails, tape or glue… Ms. Merdjan creates a positive and supportive classroom environment fostering the talents of a diverse student body.”

Mr. Barclay, Assistant Principal


“She was responsible for redesigning two sections of our magazines, as well as creating ad concepts for our clients and designing many of our promotional sell sheets.”

Rita Sadowski, Creative Services Director

202recommendation“I found her to be of excellent character, and she interacted well with students, parents and faculty. She was enthusiastic, had good attendance and arrived to school on time. Her educational background and field experience in Graphic Design were an asset.”

William Moore, Principal


” I have only positive comments about our experience with Ms. Merdjan. Besides, being hard working, she is very comprehensive about her approach to the curriculum as well as her student progress. I have been most impressed by the depth of her lessons. Furthermore, shoe goes above and beyond in terms of the material she offers her classes. She in fact pushes her students to a further understanding of the curriculum.”

Mr. Strauss, Assistant Principal


” In particular we often connected the artistic design process with the writing process, and related the five elements of design and the elements of writing. We discussed trade-offs and prioritizing, and spoke of how both processes are continuous and require constant reevaluation.”

Colleague from Brooklyn Tech HS


” Jennifer possesses great attention to detail and organizational skills. She is also very personable… She  participated in many extra curricular activities the company had to offer.”

Jan Pisciotta, Simon & Schuster


“Jennifer Merdjan was an outstanding teacher. Her lessons were both dynamic and innovating.”

Ms. Bernstein