Mixed Media • Fusing Fine Arts with Crafts

Jennifer’s two-dimensional artwork intermixes several methods of artistry, including hand painting, drawing, photography, collage, and digital printing. These works have multilayered qualities of  daily existence. Creating these pieces is a multistep process combining drawings I’ve  rendered with metallic inks, recycled scraps of handmade papers, photographs I’ve taken overseas, and then applying technology. Works on paper continue to come together on to more layers using design software. In the final step, they collage themselves onto textiles or metal. These artworks comments on different cultural customs, environments and spaces.

6’x 2′ Mixed Media  Mi Buenos Aires QueridA:

websiteJennifer Merdjan Vibrant final large banner

Mixed Media Amalfi Coast:

websiteJennifer Merdjan_Amalfi Coast

Mixed Media Dreams of Cappadocia:

websiteJennifer Merdjan_Dreams of Cappadocia