Wall Collage Lesson

Grade Level:
Freshman in High School (adaptable to all High School levels)

To have each student create a segment of a painting which will later be joined together to form one large drawing. Skills: The class will learn shading, drawing, and blending techniques. Students will also develop their unique style.

The class will be motivated visually as they are shown the drawing they will be creating. A demonstration and discussion different ways to use charcoal will also take place.

Black and white charcoal
8.5 by 11 paper

Instructional Procedures:
Each students will receive two handouts:
1) a copy of the drawing.
2)An enlarged version of the section they will be working on individually.
On the back of the second handout, students will find a label indicating their section (example, row 2,c). The class will be instructed to label their 8.5 by 11 paper accordingly before they begin. This will facilitate assembling the entire piece later.

Evaluation Procedures:
Once all the segments are collected and put together to form the entire drawing, a critique and group discussion will take place. Students will be praised for their individual style. Shading and drawing techniques will be discussed.

Follow Up:
Students will write a brief paragraph about their experience with this project. The paragraph should answer the following questions: What have you learned? Analyze the different styles in your classmates work. Do the different styles work together as a whole? Why? Why not? How do you feel about working individually in comparison to working all together to assemble the project?

Below are class samples completed after studying Latin American art history and culture. They are based on paintings from Diego Rivera and Carlos M�rida: