Grade Level:
Lesson can be adapted for Elementary, Middle School or High School.

To have students use type to illustrate the meaning of a word.

Typography, Drawing

If you could transform the words in this book (open the pages of a text book) what might you do to illustrate what these words mean. For example, pick a word…animals. What might you do to illustrate the meaning of animals? How might you illustrate the actual letters in the word to make them art? Show samples to the class.

11 x17 paper Color markers

Instructional Procedures:
Have each student pick a word. They will make some thumbnail sketches showing different ways to illustrate their word. Pick one sketch that works best in composition and type.

Evaluation Procedures:
Upon completion students will post their work on the board. Critique questions will be addressed. What messages does the piece have? Do the colors reflect the word properly? Can you still read the word or is the type getting lost in the design? How was the background space used? Are the images used to illustrate the word, good choices?

Follow Up:
Students can create a similar piece using a short sentence, instead of just using one word. The sentence should reflect an emotion. For example, The blue sky makes me happy. Happy, Sky and Me will be illustrated. The remaining words do not have to be very elaborate.