Grade Level:
High school. This lesson can also be adapted for Elementary or Middle School students.

To design a logo of the student's name that uses negative and positive space interchangeably.

This lesson will integrate two dimensional principles including:
positive and negative space, background and foreground.

Students will look at the Fed Ex. logo in groups and write observation on what they see. They will be encouraged to look at space, type, colors, fonts, size. After a class discussion students will notice that in the space between the capital E and the lowercase x, there is an arrow. This arrow alternates in negative and positive space--at times it looks like it is in the foreground and at times in the background.

Black Sharpie Marker

Instructional Procedures:
Students will research logos that use negative and positive space interchangeably. They will also communicate with their classmates what their interest are and how these hobbies or interest can be represented using visual symbols. Through a design process students will create various sketches and evaluate each other's work. Once they have selected an idea, they then revise it making different variations, till it becomes a final piece.

Evaluation Procedures:
Students will be asked to discuss their projects in class. They can share their interests and critique each other on the use of foreground, background, positive and negative.

Other examples: