Stain Glass and Color Theory Lesson Plan

Grade Level:
Lesson can be adapted for Elementary or Middle School.

To create a paper cut out that resembles stain glass aand applies principles of positive ane negative space, and color theory.

Color Theory
Apllication of 2-Dimentional Art
Negative and positive space
Art History- To learn about Tiffany and Stainglass

Motivation: Students will be motivated visually by discussing Tiffany's stainglass work. They will also see samples of works they will create and correlate how using the color translucent paper is similar to the stainglass effect.

Black Construction Paper
Multi-color translucent papers
White pencils

Instructional Procedures:
Students will create first create preliminary sketches for their piece. After carefully assessing which is the best sketch, students will use a white pencil and apply their concept on to back of the black construction paper. During the transfer process, students need to be aware of the negative and positive space, what will remain, and what will be cut out. Students also need to be aware that their image will be reversed from the way the white pencil drawing shows on the black paper. In order to eliminate any unwanted skecth lines from showing, the white pencil marks wil be on the backside, where the students paste the color paper. Students cut the black construction paper with a scissors. Color paper is then cut and glued to the backside. If translucent paper overlaps, students can begin to create their own colors.

Evaluation Procedures:
The classes work will be hung up on the window where light can be absorbed into the color paper. A critique and rubric will be used as a form of evaluation and assessment.

More examples of student's work below: