Monoprint Lithograph of the Remote Control Shoe Sculpture

The Pathways Women's Health, a division of Manhasset Diagnostic Imaging is one of the largest radiology testing centers located in Long Island. Through an annual art competition, this piece was selected for an exhibit in 2001. The selected piece called Woman Thinking is a combination of printmaking and painting.

This print was part of a solo exhibition at Barnes and Noble in the Citi-Corp Building, NY. It was comprised of 15 works of art containing a combination of intaglio prints and surrealistic collages when Jennifer Merdjan was Artist of the Month in August 1997. This burgundy print is called The Enchanted Forest. During the Intaglio process an image is enbedded in a metal plate. Intaglio methods include hardground and softground etching are used to produce lines. Aquatint methods employ granular acid resists to yield areas of tone. All require portions of the plate to be removed, eaten away or "etched" by acid. To print an intaglio plate, artist put ink into the grooves of the metal. Then to transfer the image on the plate to the paper a printing press is used.
Man playing Guitar

Sun In The City, Auctioned at the Framing Aids exhibit by Project Local