The images above are student samples from a freshman high school class that created 180 degree pop up books. Over the course of two months students learn about paper engineering and different structures that can be created at 90 and 180 degrees. Ultimately students create a book of 4 pages that contains a story they wrote in their English class and apply the 180 degree structures and Levers from my art/technology class. Below is a lesson for the 90 degree pop up with more samples that follow.

Grade Level:
High School

1)create a mini pop-up that contains 4 of the 5 elements of design. (The 5 elements of design in Brooklyn Tech. HSs curriculum are: Structure, Function, Aesthetics, Integrity and Economy)

Students will be visually motivated by 3 samples of mini pop-ups created by other students.

color paper, scrap paper, scissors, rulers

Instructional Procedures:
Students begin by copying the following information from the board: Topic: Pop-ups.
Aim:To create a mini pop-up that contains 4 of the 5 elements of design.
Do Now: Write 5 observations on each of the three mini pop-ups.
After discussing their structural properties, how they were made,and the color scheme used in them, students will gain a better understanding of what is the projects criteria.

Evaluation Procedures:
The students work will be assessed through critiques and discussions.

Follow Up:
Working in collaboration with the English teacher, students will bring in a written story and make a 180degree pop-up book based on their writing and work from english.

This lesson follows up with previous concepts that were instructed tint, hue, value, analogous colors and monochromatic colors, foreground, middleground and background, and 90 degree pop-up structures and construction.

Create a drawing of any object that shows the difference in value of one hue.

New York City Standards of Arts Learning:
Arts Making
Literacy In the Arts
Making Connections
Community and Cultural Resources
Careers and Lifelong Learning

Images Above 90 degree pop up samples of other student's work from a Freshman high school class.