Grade Level:
Lesson can be adapted for Middle School or High School.

To create a drawing using straight and curved lines.

Achieving depth through straight and curved lines. Composing a piece using a foreground, middle-ground and background.

The class will be motivated by viewing and discussing finished pieces. A demonstration will take place showing the required steps needed to create a combined straight and curved line drawing.

Two images from a magazine
Tracing Paper
Tracing Paper
Black markers
11x17 Bristol Board

Instructional Procedures:
Take 2 magazine images with contours that would be good for a line project. Trace the images using tracing paper and pencils. Trace over the lines so they transfer to the bristol board. Analyze composition and placement of the two images. Go over these outlines using a marker. Use straight and curved lines to achieve depth.

Evaluation Procedures:
This lesson is a continuation of two prior lessons: the straight line lesson (where students learn to achieve a curved effect by using straight lines), and the curved line lesson (where students create a sense of depth with curved lines). In this lesson they need to incorporate the two, paying close attention to composition of the foreground, middle-ground and background.

Image Above:
One of two magazine images used to create the straight and curved line drawing in this lesson. Encouraging students to find their own magazine cut outs is motivating, because they are contributing their personal interest and choices in to the work.