Grade Level:
Lesson can be adapted for Elementary or Middle School.

To create an individualized drawing that implements the elements and principles of design.

This lesson will integrate the principles of:
Positive and negative space and Background and Foreground.

Students will be encouraged to create individualized and personalized designs about themselves. They will be asked to think of 5-10 symbols that represent them (examples include: music, art, sports, reading, nature, traveling, cars). Thete acher will provide a demonstration of the process. Examples of finished pieces will also be shown.

10x16 sheet of drawing paper
One color marker
Stencil or cut out of symbols of various objects

Instructional Procedures:
Students will have stencils symbolizing their interest. If pre-made stencils are not availble, then students may create the stencils by cutting oak tag. In the next step, students draw the symbols on the 10x16 paper, covering as much of the paper as possible. Images should not overlap. Use the ruler to draw horizontal and vertical lines every two inches to make a checkerboard-like design. Using a color marker, students will color in the foreground and background of every other alternating shape.

Tip: The teacher may suggest to put light marking on the symbols as they alternate from background to foreground, prior to coloring. These marking will eliminate any confusion as the piece develops. Teachers can also modify this lesson to different grade levels by making the size of the boxes smaller or larger. For higher level grades, stencils should not be used.

Evaluation Procedures:
Students will be asked to discuss their projects in class. They can share their interests and critique each other on the use of foreground, background, positive and negative.

Follow Up:
Students can follow through with the concept of foreground and background by introducing the middle ground in the next lesson plan. The teacher can also introduce more elaborate projects taking into account the use of positive and negative space.