Student reflection written about her artwork: "As I was waiting for the train on my way to school, I realized the 7 train must curve around a building to get to the N train. Just last week in art class, we were learning different techniques using straight and curved lines to explore depth and perspective. We analyzed and discussed works by Victor Vasarely, Bridget Riley, and Joseph Stella while sketching ideas for our straight and curved line project. I noticed the train tracks were straight until the train had to turn around the building. Even though I took this train everyday, I never noticed I could draw it simply with straight and curved lines. This moment led to the vision of my drawing! The art class has shaped the way I see things that other people overlook daily."

Grade Level:
High School

To create an etching using straight and curved lines.

This lesson will integrate the principles of: positive and negative space foreground, middle ground and background space perspective

Some of the samples below are outcomes of cross-disciplinary lesson planning with an English Literature class. Students illustrated topics from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. The masks and balcony scene are some examples.

Etching Tool
Instructional Procedures:
Prior to using the scratchboard to make an etching, students will work on various line drawings to explore the creative process and develop their ideas. By discussing their work and assessing it, the final sketch will be selected for etching.

Evaluation Procedures:
Students will be present their final pieces to the class. Together they will discuss their ideas and application of lines in the foreground, middleground and background. The use of positive and negative space are also discussed.

Follow Up:
The next unit of study can be a lesson in value. Students can explore how lines are used to create value (for example cross-hatching). A printmaking lesson can also be a good follow up to further explore the subtractive process.

1st Row: Samples that illustrate scenes or subject matters from Romeo and Juliet. 2nd Row: Straight and curved lines are used to show depth. 3rd Row: A collaborative etching based on a Chinese work of art.