Art Scarves are inspired by nature and hand painted on Silk Chiffon, Silk Charmeuse, or Crepe de Chine. They are color-safe for washing. Scarf sizes vary from 9x54 inches, 15x60 inches, 14x72 inches, large wraps or can be custom made. The scarves are hand painted one by one, available in a wide assortment of colors and designs. Each scarf is individually created, so no two are alike. Colors flow peacefully into each other, an effect that is accentuated as the scarf folds and Wraps around. Its like wearing a painting! There are three series: EARTH, SUN and WATER. The SUN SERIES have swirls and circular patterns painted over rich colors. The WATER SERIES were made with a special technique that incorporates the use of salt, to create a crystalized, watercolor effect. The new Spring 2002 season also brings in a new collection of wraps painted on Crinkled Chiffon, scarves with rhinestones and others with artistic drawings. Artscarves are currently available online. They can also be purchased at Verve (two locations: 353 Bleecker Street, and 282 Columbus Avenue, NY). They were also sold at The American Craft Museum Gift Store (40 west 53rd street-between 5th avenue & 6th avenue, New York), at a Trunk show at Henri Bendel (712 Fifth Avenue, New York) in August 2001, and Yamak and Eclectic Energy boutiques in Greenwich Village.
PORTAFOLIO- enlarged pictures of scarves from photoshoots
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Sample swatches from the EARTH SERIES

Sample swatches from the SUN SERIES
Scarfs from this series are also sold as a set
for a striking, fuller, and more colorful look.

Sample swatches from the WATER SERIES

Please note colors may be altered due to your computer moniters' calibration.
Scarves have vibrant and rich hues.